Custom Build Dave Rose GBR 2175

Now for sale, is my custom built OK dinghy built by Dave Rose in 2016. Dave for those of you who do not know has now built 14 of these very successful designed boats. Many have won the UK Nationals and taken titles and podiums in World and European Championships. Dave also has the Skipper OK dinghy attached to his name which he built whilst working for Skipper Yachts. The Skipper mould is currently used by Synergy Marine which has recently produced some very fast World Championship winning boats. However credit should go to Simon Cox who works hard to maintain the mould for this very quick design.

The boats are marine ply/ foam laminated made in a mould. Dave built a new mould to allow him to make this and 2 other boats. One he owned himself and my father had the other. The boat is as new and has most likely only sailed 20 times. I live in Kenya and have very little time to sail the boat. It has finished in the top 6 at 2 UK Nationals, and top 5 results in Medemblik. Other than for a few training sails that is the extent of its use. The Mast is a C-Tech design and sail is of the HD design. Foils are made by Milanes. The whole boat is fitted with Harken fittings. Boom is from Alex Scholes and fully fitted out with Harken and carbon kicker leaver. Compass bracket fitted. It also has a Mast Foot adjuster which again comes from Scholes and is very efficient. It is down to weight and finished in light grey epoxy paint. The boat when built is fully epoxy coated inside and out, the paint is only required for cosmetic appearance. The whole boat is built using epoxy resin in the lamination process. The Side panels and decks are 5 mm thick and the floor/bottom panels are 12mm thick. Centre Board slot is 20 mm lined with epoxy resin and glass.

Mast Numbers are = F/A 63 82 64. Def 600. Side = 42 62 55 Def 230.

Boat has under and over cover, mast and rudder covers, trailer and trolley, which can be used for single or two boats. It also comes with the second trolley to allow double stacking. Cradles are custom made to fit the hull shape. Both trolley cradles fit the Rose Hull shape but will easy take another hull design.

The boat is with my father in Suffolk UK and he can be contacted to arrange viewing or supply more info if required. Email Ken Carroll, phone 07917377599. Many pictures can be supplied for this boat which is ready to go and win. Price is a massive saving on a new boat for this very complete competitive boat with trailer and trolley etc. etc. Only for sale due to lack of use. It needs using and deserves a good home. David Carroll £8500.

Zeilen te koop

1 HD sail, 1 Quantum Sail, 1 Cicada Sail. Mastbuiging:

Fore/aft: 50 (1/4), 67 (1/2), 52 (3/4), 495 (tip)

Sideways: 40 (1/4), 58 (1/2), 48 (3/4) 216 (tip)

Vraagprijs zeilen: 350 euro voor alle drie samen.

Voor informatie en vragen kunt u via de mail contact opnemen met Ronny Poelman.